2013 in pictures

Year-end blog posts are so much fun to put together, especially when you’ve had a year as awesome as 2013 was for me. I’ve photographed a lot of people: some new to my camera and some whom I’ve been photographing for years. This job has a lot of perks: watching kids grow up, welcoming new additions to the family, making new connections, keeping in touch with old ones, so on and so forth. Basically I get to know a lot of really cool individuals, grownups and kids alike. I can’t thank my clients enough for letting me document their story. Here’s some of the families I had in front of my camera in 2013…


Believe me, hanging out with kids on a regular basis is never, EVER boring. Here are a few of the ones that made this year so fun:


I took plenty of portraits too, both for clients and friends (and clients who also happen to be friends)…


For those of you who don’t know, I’m also the staff photographer for Gigi’s Fabulous Kids’ Fashions and Toys in Rosemary Beach, FL, meaning that in addition to working there in the summer, I get to photograph pretty much everything. There’s always something going on at Gigi’s… block parties, parade routines, Halloween festivities, fashion shows, photoshoots, lemonade stands to benefit Alaqua Animal Refuge, Easter celebrations, and of course What’s Up, the activities I do outside of the store every weekday during the summer from 2-5. Working there is the best.


And of course I took a lot of photos “just because”… here’s a few of my personal snapshots from this year.


All in all… 2013 has been AMAZING. Happy new year, everyone, and I hope your 2014 is absolutely fabulous!


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