30A Songwriters Festival 2014

Well, it’s that time of year again- last weekend was my favorite annual event we have here on 30A, the songwriters festival. Over the past 5 years it’s gotten to be a pretty big deal, and this time around there were 150 artists playing 25 different venues over the course of MLK weekend. With so many amazing acts to choose from, figuring out who to see is no easy task, but it’s also hard to go wrong- the Cultural Arts Alliance picks out some wonderful performers. The music starts Friday afternoon and doesn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. For 3 straight days I am immersed in amazing live music in awesome venues that range from super intimate coffee shops to amphitheaters where you can bring a blanket and chairs, have a picnic, and jam out with hundreds and hundreds of other music lovers. Once Monday rolled around I was beyond exhausted, but I also wanted the show to go on! Every year I say this, but can it be 30A Songwriters Festival 2015, like, next weekend?

Here’s information on this year’s lineup… This year my two favorites were Amy LaVere (whom I wasn’t familiar with previously but am now obsessed with) and Ani DiFranco (whom I was already a fan of and is even better live), but I enjoyed every performer I saw- and I saw a lot. Thanks to Russell Carter, Jennifer Steele, and the rest of the CAA for putting together such a great show.

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