Frequently asked questions


Note: as of fall 2016, I am not currently booking sessions on 30A (here is why!) with the exception of May 7-10 and July 4-7 2017.  You can keep up with me on my personal website,

Here’s a handy guide to some of the common questions I get. Don’t see yours here? E-mail me at and I will be glad to answer it!

What are your sessions typically like?
I should note that my sessions are never very formal. When kids are involved I’m pretty silly… there’s a little bit of dancing, singing, running around, and general goofiness. In short, I’m definitely not a “stand there and smile” photographer. I’ll try to document natural expressions, actions, emotions, and you and your family in your element. In fact, I’ll probably carry on conversations with you while you’re behind the camera, and it’s totally fine if you talk to me too! It’s my goal to make everyone involved feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Family pictures don’t have to be stressful and boring… I’ll do my very best to make your experience fun and easy.

What can parents do?
The biggest piece of advice I can give to parents is NOT TO WORRY! It’s okay if things aren’t perfect because with kids, because nothing ever really is. I want to document your kids’ personalities instead of stiff and unnatural poses, so it’s fine if they’re not being totally still or standing completely straight. Let your family know ahead of time that they’re going to have fun and play so they don’t dread getting their pictures made. Also, try not to pressure your kids to smile or tell them to say cheese. Instead, tell them jokes, act goofy, talk about things they love, and help them to feel comfortable- that usually has a much better effect! If the kids get out of hand I’ll calm them down, but don’t worry if they’re being a little silly.

What should we wear?
The basic answer to this question is whatever the heck you feel comfortable in! Above all, your outfit should reflect your sense of style and personality. And yes, even though we’re at the beach, color is your friend- I always recommend utilizing it. However, for families, that doesn’t mean you need to all match; in fact, I’d advise against everyone wearing the exact same color- try to coordinate without matching. Let everyone’s personal style show through. For beach sessions I tend to stress that it’s totally okay to forgo the white and khaki look. If you really love it then go for it, but like I said before, color is your friend… you don’t want to blend in with the sand! Also, if you have kids, wearing bathing suits can be a lot of fun too. I have a Pinterest board with clothing ideas… check it out here!

What is your pricing?
Here is the page with all that info! I have a set session fee but no minimum print order. After the session, you are free to choose what you want to do with the pictures (approx 40-60 edited images), whether it be purchasing canvases, prints, or digital files. Shoot me an e-mail for a comprehensive list of prices for prints, canvases, albums, etc.

What do you recommend for time?
For outdoor portrait sessions (ESPECIALLY at the beach!), I recommend shooting about an hour before sunset. I also offer sunrise sessions if you’re a morning person!

What about location?
That’s totally up to you! I can come to where you’re staying, but I also know some great spots to shoot and would be happy to recommend a place if you let me know what you’re looking for (it’s also fine if you’re not sure what you want- we’ll figure something out either way!).

What is your turnaround time?
Portraits take about 1-2 weeks for me to finish up during the off season and roughly 3-4 during the summer. I will give you an estimate at the time of your session of how long it will be- it always depends on the amount of backlog I have. If you’d like your proofs sooner, I can get them to you quick with a $100 rush fee.

How do I view/order my photos after our session?
Once your photos are ready, I would be glad to meet with you in person to present your proofs and aid you in selecting your prints. However, for clients that won’t be staying at the beach for much longer/don’t want a consultation, I will send you the link to your proofing gallery via e-mail with instructions on how to order.

Will you make revisions (black and white conversion, touch-ups, etc) after I’ve received my proofing gallery?
Sure! Just let me know what you want changed and I’ll be glad to do it for you. The first 3 revision requests are free; however, afterwards it is an additional $50 per edit.

Do you shoot weddings?
The short answer: no. I have decided to narrow down my focus to children, families, and lifestyle sessions.

Do I get to download the images from my session to my computer?
Yes, web-sized digital copies of your pictures are included in the session fee, and you can use your digital copies for Facebook, personal archiving, photo books, etc. You can also use these to print up to an 8×10. As of 2014, all the full-sized files can be purchased for an extra $500, and you can purchase individual digital files for $35 apiece. However, I always strongly recommend choosing to invest in canvases and prints to display as opposed to digital files… here is an explanation on why I think that is important!

Do you have a copyright policy, and can I post my pictures to Facebook?
I do retain the copyright to the images, meaning you cannot enter them in contests, use them for advertising purposes, etc without permission. However, you may absolutely post the pictures to Facebook,  but I do ask that you tag my fanpage (found here!) and that you do not re-edit them (besides cropping, of course).

What happens if it rains?
Unfortunately the weather in Florida rarely makes any sense, so weather can change pretty quickly! If the weather is less than ideal, I will do my very best to reschedule you or work around it if possible, but just because it’s raining in the morning doesn’t mean things won’t be beautiful by sunset.